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What Is Polarity?

The Polarity process promotes well-being and self-awareness, clarity and peace of mind. Benefits may include reduction of stress and anxiety, relief from allergies and physical symptoms such as back pain and headaches, relaxation and revitalization, balanced blood pressure, and restoration of healthy functioning to body systems.

Why is it called Polarity? The human body has a "North" or positive Pole at the head and a "South" or negative Pole at the feet. The right hand acts as a positive Pole and the left as a negative one. Positive and negative don't have to do with good or bad; they are just opposites like night and day that allow the flow of electro-magnetic currents through the energy fields of the body. Just as electric currents move between the negative and positive terminals of an electric battery, energy moves through the body.

Polarity is a philosophy and practice based on Eastern and Western holistic health modalities, synthesizing the wisdom of ancient healing arts with the energy theories of modern physics. Its foundations include reflexology, acupuncture, yoga, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.

Polarity techniques are designed around three basic ideas. First, the energies of the body have qualities similar to that of the natural elements, earth, water, fire, air and ether, which can be related to the physical properties of solid, liquid, heat, gas, and space. A second concept is that there are major electromagnetic energy centers or chakras that act as transformers for currents within and around the body. Finally, each part of the body relates to every other part.

The developer of Polarity therapy was Dr. Randolph Stone, a naturopath, osteopath, and chiropractor. He taught that polarized energy currents precede physical form and are primary factors in well-being. When these energy currents are unbalanced or blocked, dis-ease and discomfort result. These may manifest as physical, emotional, or mental symptoms.

The Polarity practitioner uses hands-on contact to make systematic connections of positive, neutral, and negative charges in order to release blockages and stimulate free-flowing, balanced energy. The client is usually clothed. Practitioners may also suggest particular exercises or postures as well as encourage healthy eating habits and various cleansing routines. Clients may learn affirmations, meditations, visualizations, or other techniques that help them cultivate positive thought patterns.

The Mind-Body Institute at Harvard Medical Center has researched the measurable health benefits of practicing relaxation techniques such as meditation, conscious eating, exercise, and cognitive behavioral modification. All of these aspects of behavioral medicine may be addressed through Polarity wellness methods.

In times of stress or illness we experience imbalances in the vital electromagnetic fields within and around the body. These imbalances manifest as tension, discomfort, or physical pain. The Polarity techniques of bodywork, diet, exercise, and self-awareness combine to provide a simple, comprehensive method for health maintenance and uplifting body, mind, and soul.

For more information or to schedule a Polarity session, please call me at 970-240-3620 or contact me via .

Caveat for Clients: Emotional states and physical conditions may surface or temporarily intensify during or after Polarity sessions.

Noalani Terry, RPP
Montrose, Colorado
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